Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rose, My Beautiful Granddaughter

Rose is one month old today.
I am not with her today and miss her so much!
She is the most wonderful baby and such a blessing!

I have had no time to blog or visit anyone :-(
as I have been helping my daughter with Rose.
My daughter had a C-Section and it's
not been easy for her since coming home.
But she is the most amazing and wonderful mommy!
And it's an honor and privilege
to help anyway I can!
And when I hold Rose in my arms
all is wonderful in my world!

Looks like we are moving to Denver
as I will be taking care of Rose when her
mommy goes back to work in April.
Oh, so much to do to get our house ready to sell.
I have so many books to pack and must give some away :-(
How I will find the time to do all that needs to be done
I do not know (it's a bit overwhelming!)
as I'm still with Rose and her mommy every week.
But where there is a will, "there is a way!"

I wish all of you a wonderful and joyful day!

~ Margie xx