Saturday, December 3, 2011

Having breakfast with two sweet little girls ...

Morgan and Delaney enjoying breakfast
with some hot-chocolate ~
Delaney and I ~
Delaney was not quite two when I met her.
She is now 12 years old and a little chatter- box!
She makes me laugh :)
Morgan and I ~
I've been nanny to Delaney and Morgan for 10 years now.
Morgan was 6 months old when I met her.
Morgan is now 10 years old.
She has the most tender and kind heart!

Having breakfast with Morgan and Delaney
is a real treat ~
We are usually there for a few hours.

Delaney and Morgan are beautiful and loving girls ~
And I love them ~

Little girls bring such delight
with hearts so warm and smiles so bright.
~Author unknown


  1. How sweet! You look like you are related to both of these little girls, quite a strong resemblence. I bet they love you a whole big bunch too. :<)

  2. G, thank you for the kind words!

    I have been told by others as well that we look alike!
    Aren't they precious!

    And they do love me too, lucky me! :)

    Take care, my friend, you make me smile :)

  3. aww such pretty little precious girls! you must be proud of them! i think, being a nanny is difficult and very satisfying job... especially when you have that connection with the kids!


  4. Margie thanks so much for your visit. Must be fun to be the girls nanny.

    Now off to check out more of your blogs.

  5. they look like beautiful girls and i know they loved to spend time with can see it on their faces...

  6. Hi Margie,
    I love your new blog.
    Thanks for coming to mine and letting me know about it.
    The girls are so cute!
    Congratulations on your new granddaughter!
    Have a great evening!

  7. Oh angel what a beautiful trio of lovely girls...Your Love shows lol

  8. Such a beautiful picture of Delaney and Morgan. If I didn't know, I would think they are your daughters. I remember when you started being their Nanny. Ten Years,Wow! Time sure goes by!

  9. They look so sweet and I can sense a strong family bond between you and the girls ~

  10. Thank you all for the visits and nice comments.
    I shall reply to each one of you later as off to pick up those two little sweetie's from school right now and help them with their homework.

    Margie x

  11. Neers, they are very precious and I am proud of them as I watched them grow up and was a big part of their nurturing!
    Being a nanny is not always easy but I love it!

    Thanks for the kind words!

  12. Hi Sandy, you are very welcome!
    Was so nice to visit you again and I hope so much you will be well very soon.

    It really is fun to be the girls nanny.

  13. Brian, they are beautiful girls and we do love being together.
    Yes, I see the look of enjoyment on their faces, glad you saw it too!

    Thanks for visiting!

  14. Hi Lydia, so glad you came by to visit.
    I do appreciate that you are here and following.
    Thanks so much on the congrats, I'm so excited to see the new granddaughter.

    Aren't the girls sweet, I love them!

    Have a great day!

  15. Lorraine, thank you so much!
    We all had a very special time together.
    You see the love, wonderful!

  16. Neers, and hugs right back at you, my friend! :-)

  17. Hi Anne, I love the picture of Delaney and Morgan.
    And many have thought they are my daughters.
    Time sure does fly, they are growing up so quickly!

    Hope you are having a good weekend!

  18. Heaven, yes, they are very sweet and we do have a strong family bond, it's wonderful actually!

    Thanks for coming by and the nice comment!

  19. Havent been to this blog of you before. Love seeing your smile. I believe you are more then just their Nanny. Love and hugs