Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jake, our Golden with the Golden heart

My little dog, a heartbeat at my feet.
~Edith Wharton


  1. He is a heart-breaker so beautiful, and he loves sooooo much, beautiful angel

  2. Jake's tongue curling like that is funny. What made him do that? The picture of you reading and him looking at you is so sweet. It looks like you are reading a good book. What is it?

  3. Oh what a cutie. And you look wonderful too Margie. It's obvious Jake loves ya a whole bunch!!!

  4. I love Golden Retrievers! Jake is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend, Margie! :) x0x

  5. You can tell he loves you! I like your photo at the table with him at your side.

  6. aww how handsome is he? lovely...hope you are having a great weekend...

  7. Margie, thanks for coming by my blog ;o) Great to hear from you! I love Jake ;o) Such a cute fellow ;o) I wish you many blessings for the up coming holiday ;o) Merry Christmas my friend ;o)

  8. oh..I just can't help but stare..I always wanted that same dog when i was a child Ms.Margie..your place looks calm and peaceful..passing by Ms.Margie and smile always ;)

  9. He's beautiful!! Our best friends (the ones I wrote the friendship poem for) have a golden retriever who looks just like your Jake. They're such a loving, devote race.

    Love the pic of him staring at you while your reading. He must be thinking 'wish she'd pay attention to me instead of that book'.

    Happy Christmas, Margie.

  10. Hi Margie,
    what adorable pics of Jake! He's very cute! I'm still going toput your new blog link on my blog. I've been going online from my cell and i can't add anything from my blog from my cell. I need to do that from my laptop if i can ever get my kids off of it!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year!!!!!!

  11. PS: Mr. Cheddar would appreciate your vote/like Margie. He will also accept doggie votes!!!! You can read about the contest he is entered in here:

    thanks from both of us! Hugs my dear, G :<)

  12. 1, Ah... another photo?
    2, Woopie, I know these prints, Santa Clause!
    3, You woke me up for this?
    4, Ummmm, I gotta go out, yah-know!
    5, You woke me up for this? Again?
    6, Gotta go back to sleeee ........ .
    7, NO!
    __Nice photos... ! The captions top to bottom, and a 'Best Christmas' to you all! _m

  13. Margie, I am so glad you left a comment today, I love your new blog and am thrilled to see you here. your dog is beautiful and a wonderful friend for you. my dog is here laying at my feet. not quite sure why he follows me from room to room but he is always there. I can not believe how fast the holidays have been approaching, oh my, it will be a quiet Christmas here spending with hubbys family and then going to my family for New Years. Wishing you the best of holidays and a Happy New Year. hugs to you sweet friend.

  14. Nice blog, I hope you are enjoying the holidays. Love the photos! Merry Christmas.

    Visit my blog when you get a chance ;)

  15. HI Margie - I hope you, your family and those wonderful animal people of yours have a great 2012.

  16. wow Margie he is just gorgeous

  17. he is beautiful...

    Love the header pic so marvelous.
    Visit my blog and follow each other.

  18. A very HAPPY NEW YEAR dear Margie.
    I love your new blog. Each picture has a story of its own. Jake looks so handsome and so proud to have you as his friend.
    I miss your poetry I hope you'll come back soon with your beautiful and thought-provking lines.

  19. Dear friends, I am so thrilled by all the wonderful comments and visits from all of you!
    And many thanks for the new follows!

    It's lovely to know all of you and I thank you all so much for taking the time to visit and comment!

    Thanks so much ...
    Magyar (Lol on the comment)
    Just Tututiny
    izdiher and

    Be well, be happy, everyone!
    I wish all of you a beautiful New Year full of love, peace and much joy!

    Margie x

  20. nice...your header picture is the view...

  21. Woow, Margie,
    I love this your blog.
    Wonderful. Wonderful!!!
    You had a good idea to create it.

    Lovely, cute ....

    Greetings to you and your sweet Family!

  22. have fun in denver today...have a good friend in estes park

  23. that is awesome you were at the game....sad....after such an emotional comeback as soon as the play started i saw it happen...ugh...great game...

  24. Welcome Krystyna and it's lovely to have you visit at my new blog!
    You are so sweet!!!

  25. Hi Brian,
    It was a wonderful day!
    Thank you!
    I loved the game!
    Tebow is amazing!
    Sorry about your team losing though!

    Oh, love Estes Park!