Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Graduation Day For Our Son

David graduated Magna Cum Lade~
We are so very proud of you, David!
You are truly a blessing!
He's so happy!
My heart is so happy!
I am so proud of my son!
And we have the same smiles, how I love that!


  1. You do have lots to be proud of. Same beautiful smiles!

  2. Gosh he's handsome inside and out, just like like mom and yes the smile is the same, and congratulations David, help our world it needs it so much, good luck xx to you and you mom and Jake and smokey xx and of course, dad, whom I do not know x

  3. Again, I will say, what a handsome son you have! You do have so much to be proud of, Margie! Congrats to David! You both have dynamic smiles! :-) x0x

  4. Congrats to your son Margie! How wonderful!! He is very handsome! Too bad I didn't live closer and too bad I wasn't a little younger! LOL! All the best David!!!

  5. Congratulations to David - that is wonderful! And you have reason to be proud. Yeah for David.

  6. Two matching smiles... I, add the third!

    __Follow what you feel, David; I offer praise for your accomplishment!

    __Margie... you are entitled to raise, "The Flag of Pride."


  7. awww, your son is handsome, and congrats on the accomplishment of your son! you're a proud mom. loving the pic of you two. :)

  8. Margie, congratulations, he looks like such a nice young man and well I just love both smiles. hugs to you.

    1. yay that is awesome...great job to him and congrats to you both...now let those smiles shine...

    2. the reading went great...great group of people up there and we had a very nice crowd...got home really late...

      sorry for your team tonight...a pretty hard beating so hope that you had other fun at the party...smiles...

  9. Margie, congrats to your son on his graduation! You both do have the same, beautiful smile...what a happy occasion, and you must be so incredibly proud. And I must say, too, that your dog is precious...(just saw your previous post). Have a wonderful Saturday~~ :)

  10. Oh how wonderful! What a handsome guy and how lucky he is to have such a gorgeous, caring mom!

  11. Hi Margie,
    How exciting! What nice of photo's of you and your son! I'm sure your very proud of him.

  12. Fantastic! Congratulations, and best for you and your family always.

    By the way, glad I found this blog of yours, the other one (When the Heart Speaks) would go blank when I tried to comment. So, either Karmic punishment for me or a VB Scripting error.

  13. Such a proud moment for you Margie, Congratulations.
    Yes, I do think he has your smile-:)

  14. Margie, I just saw on Brians blog that you are on your way to become a Grandma....sending you lots of best wishes to your daughter and your family. enjoy. I know how excited you have been., wanted you to know I was thinking of you.

  15. Awesome! Fantastic!

  16. Congratulations, David. Well done!

  17. Many thanks for the visits from all of you!
    Your comments touched my heart!
    You are all so very kind!

    Be well and take care of yourselves!
    I wish all of you much joy and many blessings!